Neuropsychology 1/e 2013

Editore: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199794317
Autori: Sandra Koffler Joel Morgan Ida Sue Baron Manfred F. Greiffenstein
2 - 3 Giorni
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Neuropsychology 1/e  2013

Sandra Koffler
Joel Morgan
Ida Sue Baron
Manfred F. Greiffenstein

  • Concise review of the current literature in several areas of interest and significance to neuropsychology
  • The reviews are of interest to practice and research in other specialties
  • Reviews provide the background and current state of research relevant to a broad spectrum of clinicians and those in academia
  • There are no similar books providing a timely and diverse investigation of current research
  • The reviews are written by distinguished, recognized authorities in clinical neuropsychology

Neuropsychology Science and Practice I-Review and Commentary is the first publication to provide a critical summary of the recent literature in the science and practice of clinical neuropsychology. The reviews and commentaries, are provided by experts in their field of interest, and will offer the readership a scholarly summary of the current research, commentary on the contributions of the work to neuropsychology, and recommendations regarding the direction of future investigations.

This volume, and those to follow, is conceptually related to the Annual Reviews in the biological, physical and social sciences. The Annual Reviews have a long history of surveying and reporting on the literature relevant to their disciplines, their practice and research. Although a young science, Neuropsychology Science and Practice I will take its place among the more established reviews for the dissemination of the important literature relevant to neuropsychology. The chapter authors have been selected for their previous contributions to the literature they now review, their presentations and workshops in professional meetings, and the recognition they have attained from their peers for their contributions to the advancement of the science and practice of clinical neuropsychology.

The chapters in this Volume hold interest to disciplines other than neuropsychology. There will be interest in this book for those with interest in the functions of the brain, their development and their relation to behavior in health and disease, the afflictions that alter normal functioning, and the remedial interventions that mitigate their effects, Chapters in Neuropsychology Science and Practice1 have relevance for investigators in Behavioral Neurology, Neuropsychiatry, Forensic Practice, Language Specialists, and Cognitive Therapists, among other disciplines. An important readership exists in foreign countries where the opportunities to survey the literature is limited. To all readers, the compilation of information to be found in Neuropsychology Practice and Science I cannot be replaced by an individual search through the generous number of publications that now appear. This volume, and those to follow, will provide the reader with an overview of the current work in the diverse fields of interest in clinical neuropsychology that may otherwise not be possible.

Readership: Clinical neuropsychologists; neuropsychology graduate students, interns, post-doctoral fellows; behavioral neurologists

Anno 1/e 2013
Autori Sandra Koffler Joel Morgan Ida Sue Baron Manfred F. Greiffenstein
Formato cm 16x24 cartonato
Pagine 320

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