Clinical Radiation Oncology 2/e 2007

Editore: Churchill Livingstone
ISBN: 9780443068409
Autori: Gunderson L L,Tepper J E
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Clinical Radiation Oncology, 2nd Edition


The completely revised 2nd Edition of CLINICAL RADIATION ONCOLOGY provides the most comprehensive, authoritative, and up-to-date information available for treating patients with cancer. Featuring a multidisciplinary perspective, the text examines the therapeutic management of specific disease sites based on both single-modality and combined-modality approaches - providing you with the well-rounded, cutting-edge guidance you need to offer the most effective treatments. A consistent chapter format throughout - paired with an all-new full-color design - makes reference fast and easy.

New to This Edition

    • Features a full-color design throughout and over 700 color figures which clearly depict treatment techniques; this allows for more complete integration of text, tables, and figures thus making key information easier to locate.
    • Adds a "Diagnostic Algorithm" to disease-site chapters that highlights key tests and procedures in the initial work-up and follow-up of patients.
    • Features new chapters in the Scientific Foundations Section (Biologics and Interactions with Radiation), Related Cancer Disciplines (Imaging - CT, MRI, Imaging - Nuclear Medicine, Health Services Research) and the Disease Site Sections (Meningiomas, Ependymomas and other Adult Brain Tumors; Management of the Neck; Melanoma; Uncommon Thoracic Malignancies; Penile Cancer, Benign Diseases).
    • Offers comprehensive updates throughout to reflect the latest developments, including advances in biology, technology and single or multi-disciplinary treatment of a variety of malignancies.


Anno 2007
Autori Gunderson L L,Tepper J E
Edizione 02
Volume 1
Formato 23x28
Pagine 1888
Aspetto Cartonato

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