Advances in Psoriasis A Multisystemic Guide 1/e 2014

Editore: Springer Verlag
ISBN: 9781447144311
Autori: Weinberg, Jeffrey M Lebwohl, Mark (Eds.)
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Advances in Psoriasis  A Multisystemic Guide 1/e 2014

Weinberg, Jeffrey M., Lebwohl, Mark

It has become increasingly clear that psoriatic disease, both of the skin and joints, can be a significant diagnostic and therapeutic challenge for the physician and a debilitating illness for the patient. Genetic and immunologic advances have increased our understanding of the pathophysiology of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and there is a need for practically oriented evidence based references to describe the management options open to clinicians. The speed at which developments are occurring in the field also necessitates a novel approach to keeping up with these changes in practice and the need is for a reference that that be updated regularly as the subject requires. Psoriasis is an incredibly fast-moving discipline within dermatology. Guidelines, treatment options and management all change at incredible speed. There is a requirement to provide a comprehensive reference resource to provide practical, user friendly information for the dermatology profession to aid in the decision-making process. Psoriasis is a graphical subdiscipline of medicine and therefore this will have copious illustrations. As a fast moving discipline the emphasis must be on annual updates to ensure that readers are kept up to date on the important areas of development.


Anno 1/e 2014
Autori Weinberg, Jeffrey M Lebwohl, Mark (Eds.)
Formato cm 16x24 cartonato
Pagine 332

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