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Anatomia Patologica con correlazioni anatomo-cliniche 1/2 1/e 2007
Anatomia Patologica e correlazioni anatomo-cliniche vol. 1/2 G. M. Mariuzzi Data di pubblicazione: febbraio 2007 Opera in due volumi di 2400 pagine, riccamente illustrato a colori   Il primo obiettivo degli autori, per questo nuovo testo d’Anatomia patologica, è..
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Anatomic Pathology Board Review with Online Pathology Board Review 2/e 2015
Anatomic Pathology Board Review: with Online Pathology Board Review 2/e 2015 Lefkowitch J H   Featuring hundreds of multiple-choice questions and full-color illustrations, Anatomic Pathology Board Review serves as a comprehensive resource for both certification and recertificatio..
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Autopsy Pathology A Manual and Atlas 3/e 2016
Autopsy Pathology: A Manual and Atlas, 3rd Edition   Authors: Andrew Connolly & Walter E. Finkbeiner & Philip C. Ursell & Richard L. Davis   A mainstay for pathology residents, Autopsy Pathology is designed with a uniquely combined manual and atlas form..
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Basi patologiche delle malattie (Le) Robbins e Cotran - 1 Patologia Generale
Kumar – Robbins. Le basi patologiche: 1 Patologia generale – 9 ed Kumar V., Abbas A.K.,  Aster J.C.     giugno 2017 (ristampa) ISBN: 9788821447488 Pagine: 536 Rilegatura: Cartonato Formato: 54.6 X 28.5     Descr..
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Basi Patologiche delle Malattie Robbins Cotran Klatt 9/e 2015 cofanetto 1/3 con Test di Autovalutazione
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Basic Pathology Robbins Cotran 7/e 2003
Robbins Basic Pathology, 7th Edition by Vinay Kumar, Ramzi S. (Eds.) Cotran, Stanley L. Robbins This resource offers balanced, accurate and up-to-date coverage of the core topics in human pathology. Its clinicopathologic orientation highlights the impact of molecular pathology on the prac..
Cohen's Pathways of the Pulp 11/e 2015 Expert Consult
Cohen's Pathways of the Pulp 11/e 2015 Expert Consult (luglio 2015) Hargreaves K M Cohen S Find the latest evidence-based research and clinical treatments! Cohen's Pathways of the Pulp, 11th Edition covers the science, theory, and practice of endondontics with chapters written by intern..
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Cytopathology of Neuroendocrine Neoplasia An Atlas and Text
Sudha R Kini MD The neuroendocrine system is fascinating. It is an intriguing, complex system. For centuries, it has sustained the interest of scientists, who have provided the community with a wealth of information on neuroendocrine tumors types—history, genetics, clinical presentation, surg..
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Diagnostic Lymph Node Pathology 2/e 2011
Diagnostic Lymph Node Pathology, 2nd Edition Dennis Wright, Bruce J Addis, Anthony S-Y Leong Features Designed as a comprehensive guide to differential diagnosis of lymph node biopsy specimens, with layout and design such that essential information can..
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Diagnostic Pathology Transplant Pathology Published by Amirsys
Diagnostic Pathology: Transplant Pathology Published by Amirsys Anthony Chang MD, Aliya N. Husain MD, Dr. Ilyssa O Gordon M.D.,Ph.D Diagnostic Pathology: Transplant Pathology is designed for practicing pathologists and transplant clinicians. Written by leading pathologists, this ..
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Escourolle and Poirier's Manual of Basic Neuropathology 5/e 2014
Escourolle and Poirier's Manual of Basic Neuropathology 5/e 2014 Francoise Gray, Charles Duyckaerts, Umberto De Girolami Covers every disease category Contributing authors include international experts in all areas of neuropathology Edited by three internationally reco..
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Essentials of Oral Histology and Embryology A Clinical Approach 4/e 2014
Daniel J. Chiego, MS, PhD With clear coverage of the anatomy of oral and facial tissues, Essentials of Oral Histology and Embryology: A Clinical Approach, 4th Edition helps students understand normal orofacial development and learn how to care for patients with abnormalities or dental pathol..
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